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Re: Learning disabbilitys and ddhd

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trashman- you are definately not the only one at all, and you don’t seem remotely slow to me- think your IQ test is probably WAY off. its obvious that you’re smart from what you’ve written and how it reads- i can hear you saying it out loud, and it sounds like someone who has a decent brain in there is talking to me- they’re just finding it hard to get it all out in an organised way (and you know- getting thoughts and words sorted into writing IS bloody complicated stuff- even when all your wiring works perfectly!).

my old boss (one of the smartest guys i know) has dyslexia and all sorts of other stuff going on- often he couldn’t get a sentance strung together, he lost his train of thought all the time, he picked the wrong words a lot, or completely misunderstood what they meant -cos really, english makes no sense a lot of the time technically- he had all sorts of challenges.

but…. given the right support (talking computer programs, someone to type for him and decypher and spellcheck his typed/taped work) and strategies to deal with it, he does incredibly well- because his mind is very very quick, he’s spent his whole life working around brick walls- both practical ones, and ‘you can’t do this’ ones from other people). he’s not afraid of failure or looking stupid cos he got over caring about what other people thought of him years ago- so he does amazing big stuff without the fear, he’s honest, enthusiastic, humble, direct, himself, and a lot of people trust and respect him for it.

once you get everything going to help you along- practical support and financial support, plus an understanding of whats really going on inside for you, and get a good bit of confidence behind you, there is no reason why you can’t acheive JUST as much as (and probably much more than!) many other people do. you might just have to work out a slightly different path to get yourself to wherever you decide you’re going- and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.