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Re: Learning disabbilitys and ddhd

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thank you all for your very kind words .itis hard but with all your kind words i keep trying, I find it funny that after meeting a lady at e.i she read my accesement i asked if the would help me get my GED she said no. she says i would not be able to pass. I find it funny that she can have that veiw about my abilities when that was one of the things i shoud do listed in my accesement.I wish they would tell people that when they are buying lotto tickets orcanada savings bonds.it looks like the goverment trains thier people. in one way i can see there point because it also so said i have a unrelyuable memory . and visual spacual problems along with adhd . if you meet me i am very out going and up beat , it has been hard to ask for help to admit I am not normal, yet if we would all sit around joking and talking you would see how fast my brain moves. I always say when I retiere i am going to become a greeter at wallmart. Thanks Again for all the kind words and support. for me it would be easy if we had a fourum with live video and chat, just a thought or me being lazy, nontheless it would be easy for some owell just thinking out loud. have a great day . trashman