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Re: Learning disabbilitys and ddhd

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trashman if you can get properly assessed you might be able to get funding to buy a microphone that’ll change your speech into text for you- but then you’d never develop those typing skills any further. :P you could quite possibly pass the GED- if you were allowed to use a voice recorder for lectures, and a scribe and a reader (people who do the reading and writing bits for you, you just tell them what to put) both for studying and for the exam- i know in the UK students with additional needs can get those provided for them if the right sorts of forms are filled in.

even if the GED isn’t right for you, there will still be some accreditations you can go for that show off the things you really shine at already- things like industry, skill set based, or trade qualifications matter just as much as school ones- if not more- in the real world.