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Re: Learning disabbilitys and ddhd

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^^^ true. its really easy to become submissive when you’re in a doctors office, but it helps me a lot if i remind myself that they work for ME, not the other way around. doctors are just like car mechanics for the body and mind- you’re in there to work out whats wrong with your vehicle, and get it tuned up and running to optium specs, and you’re paying them for that service, so get what you need out of it!

if they don’t tell you what you want to know, then open your mouth and ask! ask 6 different ways if you need to, then phone and leave a message asking, and call back later and bug the doctors secretary (nicely!) for his response. and so on. just do what you need to do, to get what you need to know!

write down (or get someone to write it for you, or doodle it- whatever works) a list of questions before you go in, if that’ll help- i always get flustered and go blank when im actually there, say ‘thankyouverymuchbye’ and then kick myself later when i remember the questions i had in my head on the way there. so for the last few years, i’ve gone armed with a list. even if i lose the ability to speak out of nervousness or upset, i can thrust the bit of paper at them and its all right there.

and definately find out about a disability advocates group near you. there are a lot of charities out there that just help people with stuff like being heard, getting support, etc. you need one of them on your case! go and interveiw a few prospective leads!