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Mike – your story is kind of sad really. To learn at such a young age about your having ADD, and not being given the tools to handle it. I’ve been in the workforce for years and have *just* been diagnosed by a psychiatrist. Like you, I learned different ways around my ADD all of my life, without ever realizing that what I was going through wasn’t “normal”. I figured everyone else had the same struggles as I did – only I thought they managed it much better.

Now, after all of this time, I found out that I had this…thing….that was preventing me from reaching my full potential. And even at this later stage in life, I FULLY intend to get my hands on whatever tools are available, if only to move forward and reach some of the goals that have never been reachable for me. This includes medications, cognitive therapy, and even martial arts.

Like Ivriniel said, it’s never too late to turn things around. I sincerely hope you’ll take advantage of whatever tools you need to help you focus in order to reach some of your goals.