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When feeling alone.. Come to be around.

Share your thoughts even the not so clear one’s too..

When feeling lonely.. Isolated.. going back to one’s cave…

Maybe you just go wanderr there because your feets are so restless or your thoughts just cant be silenced by force..

Why one should go that far to silence one’s thoughts? What kind of patterns one should be using to know.. “Yes i can go back now.. I’ve got my share of antisosialising..”

To know when it is time to go forth..? When one can know to go even further.. To get one’s hopes and dreams of future back…

What one has to do to get there.. Where ever that lust of wander is… to fly though the notes of music..

As Dr J be saying…

Not being alone anymore.. just having a feeling one has more time to wait but if one waits too long it just goes away and then one just has to face it… One cant do it anymore…