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recently my bf broke things off saying things weren’t going to change. Elaborating that all the things relating to my recently diagnosed he now can’t deal with. I buried my brother less than a week ago and just started college. I don’t know how much I can take I feel like I will always be alone since this stupid thing has held me back and who i am will never change.

To end this and put into context:

1- I got my health income removed

2- failed the appeal

3- told i have congenital condition left too long to treat.

4-told that will need to have total hip replacement

5- i lost transport access

6- I fail course of study losing uni offer

7- diagnosed with adhd

8- big brother dies buried 8 days ago

9- bf and i split yesterday

10- currently at the begining of Cancer scare. today

I think is enough any normal person for me I have to balance everything but realize I can’t do alone but now i am back to square one.