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@BlackADDer: I’m sorry to hear about your loss and the hard times. You said something that struck me like an out of tune chord…

“I don’t know how much I can take I feel like I will always be alone since this stupid thing has held me back and who i am will never change.”

Now. I’m going to be blunt. I’m not very good at the delivery but know I mean well.

You are going to take as much more as you need to. You don’t get to choose how much comes your way BUT you do get to choose what you do with it. And this talk of the stupid thing that has held you back… you know it now. Learn about it and be set free of it.

Oh and never changing. BlackADDer dear….you will be the one holding your own self back if you decide you’ll fail even before you begin. So don’t do it! You will change.

I’ve said it before on here and I’ll say it here too. You’ll spend far too much energy looking back and wishing you can fix it then you will looking forward and actually doing it. (and in no way do I mean don’t greive your Brother or the past that could have been. You need to do that)

I have stood at the precipice, screaming out in pain and desperation at the beast in the darkness only to hear the screams echoed back to me…standing there drained and weak I realized I was the beast…lost and scared. I see the light. Do I wander aimlessly in the dark or do I Choose to walk in the light? -ShaneG

Choose what happens. Come out of the darkness and do what needs to be done. Find a professional. Talk with them. Decide on a course of action to get better!