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When one feels like loosing oneself tpo somethin like oneliness.. It sure is like hell.

When being lone and separating line of one’s thoughts it feels like overwhelming.

Sharing is key to that.. But going to the side rail..

If one rely too much on somtehing or somoen to keep one going and gettinghg thing.. It is something coming from outside.. Why not trying to get one’s feet to thew work.. when the other way would be being at the sofa..

Why is it that buses so much feels agonyzing? Is them so crowded? Because their already a driver who has to do his job to do rounds..

How about getting frineds from net and more so that heyr are so close to ya.. So you donä’y have to be thinking.. Oh, my we will never see each other… So maybe that can be first step too.. Then taking some activity which may or mayn’t do the trick.. But being somewhere else than you home should be a good plan…

When one feels lonely try think everyone of those who has said kind words to you.. It will lower the feeling not so that it ewill go away but you may feel the need again to go to socialize…

Be 100% yourself and everything will be just fine,…

Corellamus an Daremus from across the ocean of Atlantic