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KT— I wouldn’t pretend to know why, but compulsive lying is fairly common among ADD sufferers. And I’m talking about lying for the sake of lying, not just to cover one’s butt (though there’s certainly plenty of that, too). I could offer theories, but they’d only be guesses. Suffice it to say, ADDers are prone to all sorts of compulsive behaviors, including gambling, shoplifting, and… lying.

I suspect this phenomenon makes it even harder for therapists to work with ADDers since patients often refuse to come clean about all their issues. And it can make it almost impossible for those ADDers to establish relationships—their partners quickly learn they can’t trust them to be honest about money, about fidelity, about anything. Alas, where there is no trust, there ain’t much.

As you say, you “hate” the lying. I don’t doubt that for a second. You just can’t help it. I’ll certainly give you credit for admitting something that many ADDers won’t.