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Re: Making Fun Of ADHD ….. Or Just Having Fun?

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I like the suggestion from the Now What workshop they did at the Science Centre a while back:

If someone makes fun of you, go even further and make fun of yourself.

I used to get pissed at people who made fun of me. I was really touchy. I still am, I guess.

Anyways, what happened was a ‘friend’ made fun of my memory when a bunch of us were out at a restaurant. He said it as a joke, “Man, you would forget your own funeral! You are so spaced out sometimes.” And everyone laughed, but it sure felt like there was an edge to what he said. Like he was taking a shot at me.

But on the way to the restaurant (and yes I was late) I decided I would try the ‘laughing at myself’ idea.

So when he took his shot at me, I forced a smile and then said, “This is nothing. One time I was giving a presentation to a client at an airport hotel, with a special room booked, and I showed up on the wrong day. A week ahead! I sat there for like an hour, waiting, getting cheesed at these people for not showing up!”

Everyone laughed.

So I told another story about my memory. And everyone laughed. But it was a different kind of laugh. It was like a laugh you would want from your friends.

I have done this a couple of times since, but it’s hard, cause my first reaction is always a nasty, Screw off, which I never say, I just think, and I shut down. Which is kind of dumb, cause I’m letting someone ruin my evening or whatever.