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Re: Meds and Caffeine and/or alcool

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Since I have been taking concerta my desire for coffee and lessened. Before I would drink about 6 cups of coffee a day starting at 6:00am, Now I drink about a half a cup around 11:00am and maybe half a cup around 3:00 if I feel like it. I really don’t have the craving for it.

I really did not drink alcohol much before, so that issue for me has not come up yet.

Since being on concerta the desire to smoke cigarettes has completely gone away. I probably smoked about 10 a day and then the third day of taking concerta I just had no desire to smoke and my mouth is so dry, it was just nasty…its been a month and I have not smoked at all.

I hope you have the desired effect that you want with the meds. I know that to much caffiene is like a double whammy with the meds..probably not the best thing. I would talk to your doctor and listen to how your body responds to it, the meds I mean..You just might not crave the coffee as much! Good Luck to you!!