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Re: Menopause and ADHD: Worsen with age?

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I saw the ADD and Loving It on pbs (it’s playing now) and I thought to get the video (without paying $80 to support public broadcasting) so I googled and found this. How many years have I wanted a place for ADULTS with ADD??? Everything has always been about kids! I am in such a state that would take days to write my story, but suffice to say I have a bit of hope in finding this site. I was diagnosed severe ADHD (not always too sure about the H) in 1997 and I’m 46 years old today. I want to go back and see if I am REALLY ADHD and maybe get some help. Don’t want drugs ~ been there done that when I was diagnosed and after 6 months I thought “I’ve survived this long and this is the way God made me so He will help me learn to handle it”. Well I’ve just come through a very difficult 2 years and am finally getting back on my feet after a lot of illness and injury and somewhere in my head is the Grand Plan of all I want to do and accomplish but I can’t seem to get moving. There is a thought… or a thing… or a word of some sort that will kick it into gear for me and I just can’t seem to find it. I can’t remember how to deal with this in order to be successful in my endeavors. I spend most of my energy trying to not be the way that I am because it bugs the people closest to me (when I don’t manage myself well) when I KNOW there is something great in me that just can’t seem to find the right path out ~ or a path at all.

Well… I normally spend hours trying say things just right. I think this is just right – and it only took a few minutes.

I’m glad to be here. I hope I can manage to spend time and find help. Just reading previous posts tells me Im in the right place. I could have written a lot of that. I’ve come to a point of isolating myself because it’s just easier…

I just noticed the question at the top… I am nearing menopause. Oh My Gosh. I’ve always been known to be forgetful but it never bothered me until recent years and especially the last year or two. My mind is just gone. Is it worse? Well it sure ain’t better!!

I look forward to seeing and learning all there is to learn and see here

I have hope.