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Re: Menopause and ADHD: Worsen with age?

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I’m a 55 year-old, post-menopausal woman with who”s recently discovered i’m ADD/ADHD. In answer to the original question: “Does menopause make ADD/ADHD worse?”, i would say yes, definitely yes. What happens if you pile one layer of (brain) fog onto a previously existing layer of fog? You get thicker fog, right? There’s something else that complicates it for me that you may want to check out for yourselves. I’ve been going to a naturopath for a number of years, and according to some testing we’ve done, i have high levels of some toxic metals like lead, mercury, etc. These interfere with neurotransmitters, thereby hindering brain function. It’s possible to do chelation therapy to remove them, but it is a process that takes time. I think it’s valuable not only for helping to lift the fog in the short term, but it should should help me be less prone to degenerative neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc. Now when i can get it together………i need to de-toxify my house (old house/lead paint)!

If i may offer some suggestions: Make sure you’re getting enough protein…..also B and C vitamins. Taurine should help. Consider heavy metals testing and do chelation, if indicated. Hormone support may help. There are some natural products that provide neurotransmitter support. I am dong all these, and i think they help, but after watching ADD AND LOVING IT and exploring this website, i became convinced that more can and should be done. I’m currently trying Adderall XR and am on the lookout for an ADD coach, therapist, and/or support group.

Good luck, ladies! As this thread proves, you (we) are not alone!