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Re: Methylphenidate troubles.

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I love bananas and always had one in my brownbag lunch in high school, and my friends dubbed me “Monkey.” My grownup friends (those I have now who didn’t know me in my younger days, don’t know I ever had that name. I’m just Barb to them.)

I was really hoping the meds I’ve tried (Ritalin 10mcg 2 X a day) and now generic Adderall XR, would improve my motivation, but so far, no luck. Disappointing. If the side effects of the Addrerall don’t go away pretty fast, I’ll stop taking it. Being sick from it and not seeing any improvement is discouraging.

I found a book from a thrift store called Time Management from the Inside Out, and reading the book jacket, the author said she’d also written a book called Organizing from the Inside Out. I ordered that from a used book seller online, and am just starting to read it. She has you identify your goals, list what’s working now and what is not working. Then from the “Not Working” list, you see what you need to fix. She has lots of ideas, and it’s not a one-size-fits-all prescription like most organizing books are. I also got another (used) copy of Organizing on the Right Side of the Brain–I either loaned or lost my first copy.(Sigh) But I was sure hoping the meds would help me more. And maybe they will, yet. I know I’m being impatient…….As for a coach, I live in a small town near the coast, about 50 miles from an interstate highway. There are good things about being far from a city, but also bad things, as I had to go to Seattle twice to get diagnosed. That’s about a 3 hour drive each way.