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Re: Methylphenidate troubles.

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I sometime doubt if Ritalin helps me. Certainly yesterday it did not motivate me to get a paper finished for work today. But I realise it did focus me – just on the internet instead of on work. I guess I need to prime my brain with what I want to achieve before taking it.

But this morning I had no doubt it worked with my emotional regulation. A student at work has ADHD and I had to help him with an issue. Another member of staff was involved and afterwards he slated the whole idea of ADHD. Remarkably I refrained from ‘decking’ him and calmly explained my reasons for thinking it is a real issue. The biological research etc…not sure where I dredged it up from but I did.

And you know what, I sounded much more convincing and authoratitive than if I had just decked him and told him to ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ – the coffee that the rst of us have to drink in copious amounts!