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Re: Methylphenidate troubles.

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I was diagnosed with ADHD Inattentive 2 months ago and the doctor at first suggested Adderall but I told him that I am self pay, I have no insurance and know that Adderall is way too expensive so he prescribed generic Ritalin 10mg 3x a day. It seemed to work even though I had no expectations, I seemed to be able to filter and focus my thoughts. After much research at my next appointment I asked if I could try Adderall since everything I read said it was best. I managed to find a CVS pharmacy with generic adderall for $93 for 180 10mg. They seemed to work somewhat better but I may not have been able to tell the difference if you gave me a “taste test”. Anyway, since I can get the generic Ritalin for $4 at Walmart the next month I had the dr. put me back on the generic ritalin since the extra cost for Adderall just didnt seem worth it. I guess what I am getting at is that it is frustrating when you cant get the more appropriate meds because of an outrageous markup in price. Prices for the generic adderall at stores around me ranged from $93 to like $315! I just hope I can get some type of insurance someday so I can try out other meds like you guys talk about to find the right combo. Thanks for listening.