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Another TV show to “add” to our list: The Middle

It’s about a family from Indiana. The youngest boy is named “Brick” and he’s an inattentive little genius with social interaction problems. Basically his nose is always in a book and he’s oblivious to the world around him.

This week’s episode had to do with Brick’s “special class” for kids with social problems, and the revelation that his father is exactly the same way. The only difference between Brick and his father is that the father is extremely tall and was athletically gifted. But they both have the same problem with completely losing interest in a conversation, making inappropriate comments, and even saying “I’m done talking to you now” then walking away! The father was able to get away with that kind of behavior for his entire life, just because he was a jock.

The “special class” taught Brick how to feign interest in speaking with someone and how to respond appropriately with some polite comment, inevitably resulting in NEW FRIENDS!

Brick and his father apply their new knowledge at the family’s backyard pool party with disastrous results. Hilarity ensues.