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Hi, River …thanks for responding. Money…it is fun to have and yet horrible feeling when you spend it even if those shoes look great. I did see my dr this Wednesday and told him how I was feeling. He had a different take on it and it actually made sense to me. He said your money wows sound like procrastination and disorganization not inability to control it. It really was an I opener…I always procrastinate when it comes to money…instead of doing what I need paying bills, shifting accounts, going to the bank….which I just dislike doing I find that I’ll do everything but that. I also then find that all day I’m thinking about what I was supposed to do. I’m ready a great book called the “Finding your focus” practical strategies for the everyday challenges facing adults add by Judith Green Eaum & Geraldine Markel. It talks time to understand and work through it but have faith and believe. Hope this helps.