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    Dr. J. and anyone else with great ideas. I understand that money management issues are characteristics of most individuals with adhd. I am medicated since July 09 and I’m 44. my children are also diagnosed. All of us have money management issues. I find that this problem is now creating issues with my husband as well as I’m self -employed and am horrible with my accounting. I have hired an accountant but still i do manage the money before it get’s to her. I feel like I’m spending money wisely with my business and personally but then I have nothing to show for it…I just don’t get it. I’m always broke. I have tried writing down what I spend and well at lasts maybe 3 days and then I forget to track. My husband and I have set goals and i have written down what we want to do and where we want to be in 5 years. I’m know where near able to reach my goals in 5 years. He’s on track, but stresses that I’m in debt. Thank God we are locked in with our finances or I would creatively find a way to use it up as well. The worse of all of this is I know better “just stop spending” right. I just want to say “no Sh&$ sherlock” but that would defeat the purpose…he is trying to help…no different then “just jump out of bed”. It’s like I forget how saving feels and then right back to “oh yeah I can do this”. I really need support so that I can help my girls (who are 19 & 21) be better money managers and be able to feel confidence in them selves. I want to retire without stress. My self-confidence in this area is low which then affects the other symptoms. I’m 10x better then I was first diagnosed and I have been working really hard with a life coach, I’m on forums, I research, and I read a lot but still feel like I can’t get this portion of my life on some form of control. Please help? I need support

    Elizabeth – destressed

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    Elizabeth………I just feel like you…I’ll keep posted to find out answers…with you.

    My boys are 11 an 13….I’M separated…and I feel such a looser since their dad is weel living…and I’M not…always fighting for the loose change …..= stress, anxiety, calls from those peoples…grrrr!

    LEt’s find a solution…:O)

    HAve a nice day!

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    Hi, River …thanks for responding. Money…it is fun to have and yet horrible feeling when you spend it even if those shoes look great. I did see my dr this Wednesday and told him how I was feeling. He had a different take on it and it actually made sense to me. He said your money wows sound like procrastination and disorganization not inability to control it. It really was an I opener…I always procrastinate when it comes to money…instead of doing what I need paying bills, shifting accounts, going to the bank….which I just dislike doing I find that I’ll do everything but that. I also then find that all day I’m thinking about what I was supposed to do. I’m ready a great book called the “Finding your focus” practical strategies for the everyday challenges facing adults add by Judith Green Eaum & Geraldine Markel. It talks time to understand and work through it but have faith and believe. Hope this helps.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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