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Thank you very much! I was so frustrated and had to vent somehow!

The timer is a great idea! I have tried it in the past but failed. I would just ignore it! Today however I made sure to eat breakfast… then at lunch I started to feel that “bleh” feeling I get when hungry… Due to the meds it doesnt really feel like hunger, just, I dont know how to explain it. Anyways… I was starting to get cranky and my mom and husband said “uh oh! We better go feed the Carrie!! Hurry!!” hahaha It was good. We had lunch I was good to go again. Then around dinner time once again the lil hunger demon inside was welling up. I just wanted to finish putting the drywall up but my husband said that would take another half hour… I said I would just play word games until then, but he knew better. He took me to my parents and we had dinner.

I was quite proud that at least after yesterday, I stop and take note of the “hunger”. Still working on feeding it. I think I will keep an emergency sandwich in my bag at all times hahahaha

As for ADHD girl meets city… well.. That is a scary thought. Mostly because im so duh and naive. Waaaaay too trusting I am. That and paranoid. Ive already decided to get 5 big guard dogs, bars on my windows, and a million pad locks on my doors hahahaha oh my… Should be interesting yes.