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I once worked at a head injury facility. We had a music therapist. Reason was obvious – different parts of the brain respond to music than respond to speech. And the reverse of that is the singers who stutter when they talk, but sing with perfect clarity and pattern, or who are British in speech, but sing as if they were born in the states when they sing.

I watch all the science I can take in on PBS, Nova, etc. I want a quantum computer! Imagine working in q-bits, bits that can be both 0 and 1 at the same time! Talk about speed and multi-tasking.

Speaking of the “Pretender”………..

I’ve been a small engine mechanic, an electrician, car stereo installer, farmer, auto mechanic, network administrator, notebook computer repair, safety/security manager, building maintenance/housekeeping manager, retail store owner and manager, and an anti-virus expert in the computer world.

I lived for disaster.

when I was a kid my parents could not afford to buy me the minibikes and go-karts all the other kids had – but they said I could have them if I could build them. I did, and they supported me 100%.

Cars are my hobby, my Javelin is nearly done, my Eagle is getting a fuel-injected Jeep engine in it. I’ve rewired cars from scratch (wiring destroyed by fire, etc.)

Music – Moody Blues, Klaatu, among others, but they are my favorites.

Einstein was wrong about one thing – there’s no such thing as gravity – the Earth just sucks.