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    I feel the need share my journey so far in the hopes you will continue yours. I will skip the part that we all seem to relate to. Childhood, confusion, sadness, alienation, anxiety, depression… 30 years later, understanding, anger, hurt, forgiveness, self-acceptance, wonder, excitement, and awe.

    When you allow yourself to get “un-stuck” those last few ones will be yours.

    I urge you to continue. There is nothing wrong with you, quite the opposite.

    Studying ADHD led me to study the brain, the gifts of these differences etc…

    Why not include a list!


    Albert Einstein- (considered “retarded” as a child) “Thinking like Einstein” there is a warning about trying to change who you are.

    Multiple Intelligences- “Intellience is too important to be left to the intelligence testers” Howard Gardner from Intelligence Reframed.


    Quantum Physics…

    Deepak Chopra…

    Patrick Flanagan

    Bruce H. Lipton…

    Akashic Field…

    The Reconnection…

    The Shift…

    Noetic Sciences.

    This is where I’m at a year and a half later.

    Off you go.


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    Thanks for that.

    Do you remember that tv show “The Pretender”? It was about a man named Jarod, a genius and former child prodigy with “the ability to become anyone he wants to be,” i.e., to flawlessly impersonate anyone in virtually any line of work.

    Someone who knew me well and new about the too many jobs i have done, once asked me if I was a pretender. LOL.

    With all of my issues, I always got bored with my jobs and wanted to do something else. I have quite a few books in my

    personal library. There are only a handful of fictions and all of the rest (hundreds) are books to help me learn something

    that had caught my interest at one time.

    Once I had a bout with severe depression. Since then I have seemed to settled down a bit. I had been manic for so many years

    (43), It is difficult to not be that way any more. Of course I have my days. But none like I used to have.

    Of all you wrote, the one thing that caught me in a personal way was ” self-acceptance”. And for bringing that to light for me. And

    for that, I thank you.



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    Albert Einstein’s saving grace if you will? Music. It focused him and tuned him in, pardon the pun. There’s allot to be said about music and what it can do.

    I’m allot like you Phazis. I’ve always been into the higher order thinking stuff.. Quantum this and that. Advanced concepts are easy as long as there’s no math involved for me tho… the theories and visualizing stuff.. it can really get the brain firing on more cylinders :)


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    Thank you both for your responses!

    Always know your worth.

    Einstein did his best work before he forced himself to learn the linear language of math/physics in order for others to understand.

    Music continues to save my life.The Universe is sound…

    All the sound used to torment me, but, I had an epiphany recently.

    Too tired to write so I will share this link with you. Excellent.



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    YESSSSSSS…….just posted my first note to billd above first one on the list. I agree completely wit you “GIFT” is right, we are the fortunate few, very fortunate. DIFFERENT NOT LESS, my god certainly not less. I am a musician, I have my own blues band (at 60) and love it!!! It feeds me!! I have been creative all my life art, building motorcycles from scratch, hotrods, winning awards wherever I show them. YESSSS…..a gift. Harness the gift in spite of the linear thought mainstream!!

    toofat (not really it’s just a handle)


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    I once worked at a head injury facility. We had a music therapist. Reason was obvious – different parts of the brain respond to music than respond to speech. And the reverse of that is the singers who stutter when they talk, but sing with perfect clarity and pattern, or who are British in speech, but sing as if they were born in the states when they sing.

    I watch all the science I can take in on PBS, Nova, etc. I want a quantum computer! Imagine working in q-bits, bits that can be both 0 and 1 at the same time! Talk about speed and multi-tasking.

    Speaking of the “Pretender”………..

    I’ve been a small engine mechanic, an electrician, car stereo installer, farmer, auto mechanic, network administrator, notebook computer repair, safety/security manager, building maintenance/housekeeping manager, retail store owner and manager, and an anti-virus expert in the computer world.

    I lived for disaster.

    when I was a kid my parents could not afford to buy me the minibikes and go-karts all the other kids had – but they said I could have them if I could build them. I did, and they supported me 100%.

    Cars are my hobby, my Javelin is nearly done, my Eagle is getting a fuel-injected Jeep engine in it. I’ve rewired cars from scratch (wiring destroyed by fire, etc.)

    Music – Moody Blues, Klaatu, among others, but they are my favorites.

    Einstein was wrong about one thing – there’s no such thing as gravity – the Earth just sucks.

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