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Re: My Job, is it ADD friendly?

Re: My Job, is it ADD friendly?2010-08-02T05:21:50+00:00

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Hi Calvin!

Just read your post about work categories.

I have been a successful hairstylist for 28 years now, and self-employed for 22 of those years. I am ADHD (emphasis on the ‘H’!) and my advice to the rest of us very ‘H’ folks is to get an occupation where you are on your feet! I think better when I am moving and am much more focused and relaxed. A chair is death to me and my mood.

What better occupation than to be expected to talk all day (heaven!), be very physical while working, mult-task, use all parts of your brain at once, have people tell you stories all day, be creative, problem-solve, ever-changing schedules (some weeks run off your feet, others a bit slower) etc etc. Also most stylists that I’ve run into are ADHDers, and it is like being with family. (Sometimes in an explosive way depending upon the varied emotional styles)

Any other stylists out there?