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If the doctor hasn’t jumped at a conclusion already that’s a good thing. It shows he’s

actually doing his job and making sure he gets it right the first time. Repetition and

going over the same ground is part of making a map and not missing any landmarks.

The past is just another distraction that you will overcome once the treatment you get

starts to work. The same goes for the frustration, regrets, etc, etc. They are all part of

the symptoms and results of of ADHD and you will find them shrinking into the past as

you start to respond and climb out of the pit with the help of medications and/or therapy.

Look at it this way: After all that we’ve been through we are all a hell of a lot tougher than

most and can easily fight through crap that can and usually does kill ordinary mortals,

especially those who try to get along on tissue-thin illusions like pride or status.

We can live a bit longer and see this through because we know we are suicide-proof

and a few more months or years of the same old crapola doesn’t mean a thing anymore.