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The good news is you found this site and people that can relate to your plight.

I don’t have much to add except that I easily could have written your post substituting my age (48) and seeing someone about my “problem”.

I also have lost touch with many fantastic people that have been in my life in the past. Have had every job imaginable. Suffered severe depression for years.

Finding this site has been a real eye opener.

Baby steps today, I’m working on learning more about this and what to do next. I should probably find some professional specialist with ADHD experience that can assist me with whatever meds may need prescribing to become more “normal”.

Hang in there. Stay busy (I guess that goes without saying… we do seem to have more energy then others and somehow are always busy!)

My life is a mess but again, recognizing the symptoms & seeking a diagnosis seems to have opened the vault a tiny crack.

Thanks to those that have shared their experiences and setbacks… It helps to know we are not alone with these problems.

Peace & success.