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I don’t offer advice or help because I am not a doctor. But I support you.

I have recently turned 30 and feel the same way in many respects because I can relate to you 100%. Reading your story made me feel like I have a carbon copy of myself out there.

I have the fear that I will be writing this same letter when I am 41.

I will be starting treatment in January and I hope that my life will turn around.

The conclusion I am coming to thus far is that a life is a good life if you feel you are living. I have started thinking about the quality of life I can give myself with all the positive aspect I posses. I have open myself to the realization that I may not be the marrying type or the parent type. This opens the door to a life of adventure.

My dream was to have a house, a family a career and a good life.

In order to live I happy life I have decided to change the way I think.

You are 41. To be honest 41 is relatively young in my opinion. Old is when you need a cane or sit in a wheel chair and have someone change your diapers lol.

I know it is hard to stay positive. I find it challenging every day to give thanks for what I have and for what I don’t, because I live in a home of over achievers.

“At least”, I tell myself,” I live in a nation and society in which I do have the opportunity to live a better life than someone in the third world country”.

I think that people like us focus too much on traveling this journey alone. I offer to travel it with you and everyone else reading this. Two heads are better than one, and a bunch is even better!

Stay in touch.