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Re: My story – Diagnosed at 29

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i’m wondering if add/adhd might explain a similar story of myself, so i’m curious about your case.

So i apologize i have many questions and not a single answer

-what kind of school subjects and intellectual activities in general did you excel at? On the contrary did you have some specific subects/areas/kind of test or examination where you felt helpless, at least in comparison with your usual standard?

-internet is a big time waster. fair enough. If for some reason it is physically impossible to use it (eg the line is down) and you are not on medication, can you concentrate better on your work? (that’s one of the real depressing bits for me: i can’t. i sort of have to wait for “inspiration” as if i was an artist…)

-@school, did you passed a lot of time daydreaming in class and/or in front of your books when doing homework?

-@college, did you manage it by developing an efficient way of exploiting the last-minute “adrenaline rush” before an examination?

-if you have any personal interest (a sport, a musical instrument…anything really) that really attracts you, do you feel a striking difference between the amount of energy and focus you can put into it and how many everyday’s life small tasks feel incredibly hazardous?