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Re: My wife is sick and tired of ME

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allan wallace
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Oh, I forgot, sorry add22, yes, your situation sounds very similar to my mine. I’ve been married for 15 years, and my wife is beyond exasperated at my inability to be like everybody else. I’m as introverted as she is extroverted, and we’re so unlike one another in so many ways. Almost complete opposites one might suggest, but I acknowledge that I’m the one that has the most ‘issues’, and rather than blaming ADHD I’ve just dodged all culpability thus far. I cringe at the suggestion that life situations might mitigate one’s circumstances, and I’m preparing to deal with myself for possibly the first time. One reaches a certain age and habitual stupidity just can’t be stepped around anymore. I’m talking about myself by the way, so please don’t take umbrage! :) I’m going to endeavour to do whatever I can to understand myself (and my condition) more, not so that I can assign blame to a disorder, but that I might learn how to become the man, husband and father that I’m capable of being, instead of the self-destructive recidivist self-saboteur that I’ve been for way too long! I hope that you are able to navigate your way through your circumstances to a happier place. I’m just beginning that trip myself…. 8)