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One of the things Doctor Jain talks about in the workshops we do is about the spectrum of Impulsive and Compulsive. Emotional vs. Logical. The HEART people vs. the HEAD people. Heart people do think, and Head people have deep feelings, but when it comes to a decision, heart people trust their feelings and head people trust logic, reasons, arguments. If you think about what car you bought and why, it’s a good place to figure out where you lay on the scale.

ADDers fall at the Impulsive end of the scale. In fact, Impulsivity is one of three key areas of impairment, right? So I would think on the Myers Briggs we would tend to be more intuitive.

The introverted and extroverted I would guess has more to do with whether you fall into the purely Inattentive subtype of ADHD or the Combined Subtype which also includes Impulsivity and Hyperactivity with the Inattention. Boys have a higher rate of the combined subtype, which is why, for a long time, girls weren’t diagnosed nearly as frequency. That girl in the corner, quietly day dreaming, doesn’t disrupt the class and demand the teacher’s attention.