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“The introverted and extroverted I would guess has more to do with whether you fall into the purely Inattentive subtype of ADHD or the Combined Subtype which also includes Impulsivity and Hyperactivity with the Inattention.”

i’ve always understood that the difference b/w intro and extroversion is the way you handle stressful situations. or stress in general. i’m an extrovert…. when i’m stressed i release it by being around people… feeding off of their energy. love me some happy hour. hahaha

my hubs, introvert. stress = an hour or two of alone time for him (he’s not a ADDer), but that’s how he releases and “re-energizes” himself… by gardening, or playing vid games.

bro, introvert, has ADD.

me, extrovert, have ADHD.

the heart and head thing you discuss is like the color personality types in a book that was recommended to me. “personality, what’s love got to do with it”. it basically talks about what myers briggs discusses, but in a manner which people will understand the concept.

it’s all interesting non-the-less.