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Veronica – interesting that your hubby plays video games to gain some “me-time”. I too am an avid gamer (at 37 but apparently the average gamer is male 35) and find that it actually helps my focus. Now, that being said, it has a tendency to make me hyperfocus and shut everything else out.

I am definitely an extrovert but I don’t exhibit any “HD” symptoms (with the exception of the ocassional angry outburst at stupid motorists). I’d be very interested to see substantiated data on whether ADDers or ADHDers use more right brain function than left or vice versa. It appears that most of us are quite creative – or at least cite artistic, musical or written word in our vast list of talents. I used to “suffer” (for want of a better word) from analysis-paralysis where I would over-think seemingly menial things to the point of worry. Is that something we all share? It would suggest a left-brain functionality no? Or, are we the small percent of people that are able to use more cerebral faculties than others, thereby causing us to BE ADHD or ADD? ie Because of our disorder/gift, we are blessed/cursed with superior/inferior abilities?

Our ability to learn things at a rapid pace or to pick up a brush or guitar and know almost instantly how to paint or play would suggest a higher functionality of our brains but is that indeed a hallmark of those with ADHD or ADD or merely coincidence? The amount of people I have heard from who share this creative and analytical intellect as ADHDers or ADDers seems to indicate the former.