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Its all good! 😉 Its not that bad :P We only play fight in our room. The kids always come in and we cuddle and tickle, dont FIGHT fight hahaha And yes I know better than to chase THAT kind of excitement. Another good rush is being on stage! That I havent done in a long time! I play the bass guitar and love to go to random jam nights. Being a random girl who shows up to play the bass is great because everyone just assumes im not good at it until I get up on stage and wow them all. Im always soooooooooooo nervous before I go up but once I start and everyone starts to cheer you just feel amazing! I just need to get out and enjoy this summer! Maybe I will just pack up my kids and head up into the mountain for a nice lunch. Working sucks sometimes when days off dont jive with the hubbys :(

Yeah, I know PMS is not an excuse, but thats exactly what this is right now. I was just quite hyper, and right now I feel like complete crap! Just want to go into my room and cry for no reason! UGH! This is the ONLY time I feel this way! During my drug spout I was sent to the addictions counselor but that was going no where. She told me everything I already knew and plus I dont have an addiction, never did. Was just for a short period of time. I only get whacky during PMS. Like my post a while back in April on Easter. That was the worst it has been. I was so upset I locked myself in my room without saying a word crying while my husband was outside my door worried and asking if I was ok. Many times I have been into mental health while PMSing. First time I went in for a possible eating disorder. But as soon as my PMS was over I was fine and didnt go anymore. Second time went in was for drug use. Once PMS was over, I was fine and left. Third time was for the ADD… Stil sorting that out, and now like you already know have started the Prozac for the PMDD. I also always feel horrible for posting things like this, so I have started a blog so I can just vent all my troubles there and not feel bad about it haha