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Re: Nature vs. Nurture?

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I’m from Nova Scotia live on the South Shore…. My brother never got any of our traits….. I belive that they can’t be pass on… My sister and I are the same has my mother…. My sister Rosann is calmer thinks things out and got good grades… If you look within your family and cousin’s I have one Grandson with it and he is always in trouble… The other’s don’t and they get good grades and never in trouble…. Some people can have a mild form of ADD I have the ADHD so does my mother and all of my cousins…..One cousin has two kids with and one without so go through your family history….. But I have big regret with my kids and I wish I had someone that would of taken me aside and talked with me…. But I can’t change what I was like but i became better with things around fifteen years ago….. and my grandkids love me … Talk to your daughter about this….. my mother’s ADHD it wasn’t good for us as kids…. And I don’t have a realationship with her… we forget they are only kids… I can’t turn back the clock but I was 95 percent a good mom… My mother ended up losing a son and daughter it will happen so take heed it is only a house… People don’t amire a super clean house they come for the company…. I was the same my house is a bit messy now I’m not so uptight with it and the kids have a much better time… Clamdigger