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Hey there, I was a bit disheartened by a few of the replies from around a year ago and decided to make an account to post a comment. I work with one of the pioneers in neurofeedback treatments for ADD in Scottsdale, Arizona. Do all the research you want on neurofeedback, but I think a firsthand experience with a good background is the most informative and useful testimony that you can hear.

I started with basic testing including an extension ADD screening with numerous EEG’s and tests, and also an IQ test. They found that I scored a 19 on the ADD test (the lower you are, the more severe it is) and a score of 40 indicated severe ADD. Needless to say, my ADD level was off the charts. The typical patient needed 60 sessions tops, but I need about 90. I have been doing sessions for about half a year and have finally started to notice a significant effect on my attentiveness (especially in school).

Now this may be mistaken for the placebo effect, but I have noticed a profound difference in the “radios” that play in my head. Before treatments and without medication I could barely make it through class without hunching over in my desk, doodling, with bad headaches from all of the radios playing in my head. I never took notes, never did homework, and could barely function. After around 30 treatments, I am around the “severe ADD” range (as opposed to extremely off the chart severe ADD) and can honestly say that I am capable of sitting up in class, paying attention, and taking notes without any headaches, eye wandering, or lack of focus. In fact, my medication (which I still take for educational purposes) has had negative affects because my dosage is too high. I am going to lower my dosage because it’s actually easier to function without taking it.

I highly recommend neurofeedback for those who have a severe problem with their ADD to the point it is affecting school and education. I do not think this is a good procedure for children, because the basis of these treatments is to increase your self awareness and be able to control your brain wave levels. I have been getting increasingly better in classroom scenarios, and I am confident that this treatment is effective for individuals who feel they cannot function on a day to day basis due to ADD. Do not do a few sessions and expect any profound result, it took me several months to start enjoying the positive effects. At first you won’t feel much of a difference, but after a while you will become more self aware and confident in your attentiveness.

As a tidbit of info, I am a high school junior girl who has suffered with ADD throughout my entire education. I was formally diagnosed at age 10 and my education experience has become dramatically less challenging after starting neurofeedback treatments.