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    I tried Neurofeedback two years ago.

    It was definitely effective. Far, far more so than the meds( adderol) that I had been taking for years.

    The cost of the total brain mapping (baselines) and testing was about $1100.. then each neurofeedback session was about $50/$60

    I did it about twice a week (about an hour each time) for a few months. It became very, very clear to me and my wife (and others) that this was making a huge difference. I stopped doing it because I felt like I had made significant progress, and we moved, so the clinic I was going to was no longer available. I have not lost any of the gains that I had made, but I know that I could go further.

    My recommendation is to go somewhere that there is significant testing and mapping and monitoring.

    I honestly dont know how at-home tools or programs could possibly work, the changes and adjustments were constant. The mere science of it demands that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to it. It needs to be designed specifically for your personal EEG

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    Hey there, I was a bit disheartened by a few of the replies from around a year ago and decided to make an account to post a comment. I work with one of the pioneers in neurofeedback treatments for ADD in Scottsdale, Arizona. Do all the research you want on neurofeedback, but I think a firsthand experience with a good background is the most informative and useful testimony that you can hear.

    I started with basic testing including an extension ADD screening with numerous EEG’s and tests, and also an IQ test. They found that I scored a 19 on the ADD test (the lower you are, the more severe it is) and a score of 40 indicated severe ADD. Needless to say, my ADD level was off the charts. The typical patient needed 60 sessions tops, but I need about 90. I have been doing sessions for about half a year and have finally started to notice a significant effect on my attentiveness (especially in school).

    Now this may be mistaken for the placebo effect, but I have noticed a profound difference in the “radios” that play in my head. Before treatments and without medication I could barely make it through class without hunching over in my desk, doodling, with bad headaches from all of the radios playing in my head. I never took notes, never did homework, and could barely function. After around 30 treatments, I am around the “severe ADD” range (as opposed to extremely off the chart severe ADD) and can honestly say that I am capable of sitting up in class, paying attention, and taking notes without any headaches, eye wandering, or lack of focus. In fact, my medication (which I still take for educational purposes) has had negative affects because my dosage is too high. I am going to lower my dosage because it’s actually easier to function without taking it.

    I highly recommend neurofeedback for those who have a severe problem with their ADD to the point it is affecting school and education. I do not think this is a good procedure for children, because the basis of these treatments is to increase your self awareness and be able to control your brain wave levels. I have been getting increasingly better in classroom scenarios, and I am confident that this treatment is effective for individuals who feel they cannot function on a day to day basis due to ADD. Do not do a few sessions and expect any profound result, it took me several months to start enjoying the positive effects. At first you won’t feel much of a difference, but after a while you will become more self aware and confident in your attentiveness.

    As a tidbit of info, I am a high school junior girl who has suffered with ADD throughout my entire education. I was formally diagnosed at age 10 and my education experience has become dramatically less challenging after starting neurofeedback treatments.

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    I now am a total advocate of the neurofeedback platform. My daughter who is 8 has ADHD. We use play attention and I have seen excellent results and so has she. Her grades are up, she focuses and she now has friends. This program was developed by a teacher for adults, teachers, parents and children with the disorder. It really does work. I also agree that the mind has the capability to grow and expand and with the right tools this can be achieved. At the end of the day when I added up the cost of medication (which did not work for her) the coaches and therapists this program paid for itself ten times over.


    Hi all,

    These are all great responses, full of information. I have just been tested for ADD and have decided to work with ACE Clinic here in Toronto as meds are not an option for me. I have just started with the SmarterBrain and SmarterMemory systems and I will update as I go.

    If anyone has used these, please share your experience (good or bad :).



    pmorrow, try to get a refund ASAP!  AttenGo is exactly the same online version as the ACE Clinic’s NON-neurofeedback SharperBrain and SharperMemory CD software.  While I was told and the website does show that only two CDs can cost up to $5,100, I tried AttenGo for less than $40 a month!

    To make a long story short, ACE Clinic’s online version AttenGo turned out to be a rip-off as my child (and I) wasted months on it, but the “100% money back guarantee” was not honoured.  Even if you still believe that ACE Clinic’s program is better than other alternatives such as n-back training (free), Cogmed or a real neurofeedback clinic, then get the refund and risk $40-$120 on AttenGo instead.

    Good luck.  I’m willing to answer questions.







    I noticed this post a while ago but waited until I have more experience with ACE. I completed their program a couple of months ago. I actually did the Attengo program about 2 years ago after being diagnosed with ADHD, but didn’t see the results I wanted, so then someone recommended traditional biofeedback so I tried 20 sessions with marginal improvement. I ended up going to the ACE clinics because I was desperate for a solution and I wanted to find out if there is a way to solve my problems once and for all. My problems affected my work as well as my marriage and I remember having concentration problems forever.

    I could notice changes after 3 weeks of training with ACE. This continued to progress month by month. Now I can focus so much better and my ability to multi task is much better too. Also my auditory processing has improved a lot. Before, I couldn’t listen to a lecture without my mind daydreaming, or my mind racing and thinking about everything except the topic at hand. The biggest complainer was my wife claiming that I didnt care although I did, I just couldn’t remember always what she was saying. Cut a long story short I can now listen, pay close attention and remember everything (almost). My memory in general improved a lot (BTW another thing that traditional neurofeedback doesn’t deal with), and my wife will gladly confirm 🙂 She will also confirm that I am a lot calmer and don’t suffer from anxiety like I did before. everyone who knows me noticed that.

    In retrospective I understand why neurofeedback didn’t work for me – it doesn’t address auditory problems at all and it doesnt address memory issues, at least not directly like the ACE program does. While there is some similarity between Attengo and ACE (my understanding is that Attengo purchased the technology from ACE but not everything), the programs are different. But most importnant  – I didn’t get any clinical support from Attengo. ACE offers full clinical support, guidance and supervision. This is very important because you hit a wall regularly and if you have a clinician monitoring your progress and guiding you, you can overcome the obstacle and move on, otherwise you get stuck without knowing what to do. This was important especially in the beginning. It certainly made a huge difference for me.

    I think I am a pretty smart guy but failed in university because I couldn’t focus. Now I am planning to go back to school and I know I’ll be successful this time.

    In summary, the old saying that you get what you pay for proved itself yet again.

    I hope this is helpful. Good luck everyone!

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