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Ricochet Rabbit
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Seeing everyone’s insanely familiar experiences, I need to contribute my ADHD funny from the weekend. Having just had this whole TADD-ephiphany-experience in the last week., I decided to go back on my Ritalin. It’s the short-acting type. Around 8:30 on Saturday evening, I finished a phone call and went in to watch the end of an Indy car race with my husband. I was pretty into it (hey, Dario Franchetti almost won it) and when it was over, I went to do chores for my bunnies. Af few minutes later, my husband walked in and, as part of our feedback arrangement, told me that I had gone from, for lack of a better word, normal to mach-2-with-my-hair-on-fire in the space of — literally — moments. We figured out the time of my last dose and I had probably blown through the meds around that time. The disconcerting part is that I cannot feel the difference — at all! Now, I have set alarms in my smartphone to keep up with this. I hope…

And last night, I pulled out baby food to mix with meds for a bunny, sat down with bunny to watch part of “ADD & Mastering It”, put bunny to bed, and found all of my stuff on the counter this morning. And that’s just the tip of MY iceberg.

Goes to show that feedback IS important!