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  • Seeing everyone’s insanely familiar experiences, I need to contribute my ADHD funny from the weekend. Having just had this whole TADD-ephiphany-experience in the last week., I decided to go back on my Ritalin. It’s the short-acting type. Around 8:30 on Saturday evening, I finished a phone call and went in to watch the end of an Indy car race with my husband. I was pretty into it (hey, Dario Franchetti almost won it) and when it was over, I went to do chores for my bunnies. Af few minutes later, my husband walked in and, as part of our feedback arrangement, told me that I had gone from, for lack of a better word, normal to mach-2-with-my-hair-on-fire in the space of — literally — moments. We figured out the time of my last dose and I had probably blown through the meds around that time. The disconcerting part is that I cannot feel the difference — at all! Now, I have set alarms in my smartphone to keep up with this. I hope…

    And last night, I pulled out baby food to mix with meds for a bunny, sat down with bunny to watch part of “ADD & Mastering It”, put bunny to bed, and found all of my stuff on the counter this morning. And that’s just the tip of MY iceberg.

    Goes to show that feedback IS important!


    I’d like to know how many ADDers leave books out in the rain. I did it with Harry Potter’s book 6 a few weeks ago, and now book 7 Deathly Hallows looks more like death with it’s pages fused together..

    Hilarious! Ye Gods, it’s just so comforting knowing that there are other people like me! I’ve got too many funny anecdotes to unload in one hit. The utter abs

    urdities of life fasciante me. Sometimes I just giggle at the wrong times just by watching people….eg.once I was on a train and lost in my thoughts when I just looked around me at the people on the train. What started off as a bit of a giggle ended up with me almost breathless with heartyy laughter, and the more the bores looked at me oddly the more I laughed! I just had to get off the train at the next stop before a mob threw me from the train…another time I ended up in hospital with my fingers on one hand stuck together, and a tube of superglue stuck to my other hand. I was trying to fix a leaky radiator on a car that had sprayed brown gunk onto the windscreen. I had told my gf at the time that I was a gun mechanic. Before a beak once on some stupid charges after a drunken night out I was standing next to a mate on the same charges….it began as a snigger, then a giggle, then a full-blown guffaw induced paralysis which had me propped up by the bench in front of me. I could scarcely breathe and my laughter was causing so much pain that I thought that I’d pass out! The Court was in uproar, and after being fined some ridiculous amount my friend and solicitor had to carry me from the courtroom as I was hysterical with laughter…so many more, if I remeber I’ll pop back and add some of the funnier moments! 😆


    “You just need to try harder” works with ADHD about as well as it does with trying to hold back a fart.


    Well, we need some more to laugh at so I’ll make a couple of stabs and hopefully some others will come in with some good ones.

    Recently, my 23 year old ADHD son told me he was going to help out at the convention center with the breast cancer awareness weekend.  “So what are you going to be doing, .  .  .  giving free exams?”

    Which brings to mind a phone call he got several years ago as he and I were going to lunch.  He hung up and said, “They keep calling me wanting me to come in and donate.”  “Who was that?  The sperm bank?, I asked.

    . . . next.


    I wrote asses (for assess) three times in my final exam essay….Im in grad school. My prof took off a letter grade on it… 87% and wrote “NOT FUNNY!” red caps. ugh.



    My daughter calls today while I am picking up some car parts in town.  “I found a dead rat behind my dishwasher” she informs me.  “So does your dishwasher still work? . . . or does it need a new rat?” I ask.


    She lives in a duplex.  “Do you think he might have come in from the unit next to me?”

    “Not if he was dead.”

    Anybody got any funny car stories? I’ll share the one about the time I ended up in hospital with my fingers stuck together and a tube of superglue stuck to my hand. I was going to ‘fix’ a leaky radiator.

    Another time I drove down the wrong way of a freeway for about 10 klms.

    I should have been killed when I first started driving a car. I was doing 120 kmh in the right hand lane of a dual carriageway of a highway as it joined with three other lanes of traffic. I wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. Radio full blast. I was watching lambs jumping around in a paddock and daydreaming when I turned around, and I was a nano-second from hitting the cars ahead that had come to a standstill. I didn’t have time to hit the anchors. All that I could do was scream, let go of the steering wheel and cover my eyes as I made myself into a ball in my seat, all done in a heartbeat. From that day I learnt to believe in miracles…

    I’ve got heaps of car stories. Nearly broke my own nose changing a tyre, I abandoned a car at least twice, blew a few up by not doing things like putting oil in the engine, run out of petrol countless times, and did silly experiments like seeing if I could drive without having the lights on when it was pitch black etc. etc.

    It’s scary to think that I might be getting a taxi licence, huh? I can’t get a job doing anything else….
    Okie dokie, dishes to wash.

    Patte Rosebank

    Supposedly, this appeared in an actual church newsletter:

    Low Self-Esteem Support Group meets in the basement, every Friday night.  Please use the back door.


    Car stories.  One time on a business trip, I went to the mall in the car I had rented.  When I came out, I was having trouble getting the key in the lock of the car.

    I hadn’t been at it long when I noticed a woman with two small children coming my way with a concerned look and realized that the white car she was walking past was my rental and I was trying to get into her car.     .  .  .  Classic ADHD


    If you’re looking for a way to waste some time today, check out:


    These are great kc.  That’s my brother’s Christmas present sorted……and an evening wasted! 🙂


    I’m impressed with everyones’ memories about their ADD moments.  One of my problems is that my memory is horrible in that today I had a conversation with my husband about eating the leftover Panda Express for lunch, and then 45 minutes later I was sitting there trying to remember what I had for lunch!  He asked me what was wrong, and I said I couldn’t remember what I had or IF I had had lunch!  He reminded me of the Panda Express, but boy, when that happens I seriously wonder if it isn’t Alzheimers!

    I’ve gone on rampage searches of the house only to have someone point out that they’re on my head!


    I had just been food shopping and unpacking my food shopping in the boot, I jumped into the front seat and it was then I realized I was in someone else’s car, we don’t have leather seats I was in an entirely different car same on the outside different on the inside hahaha

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