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Reading all these makes me feel so “normal” lol! My tendancy to do things like this peaked when I became a mom. I once took my son for a long 45minute walk only to come home and find my car keys and house keys sitting on the railing next to the front door (in clear view). I was like I was saying ” feel free to borrow the car and use my home while I’m gone!”. I was so lucky nothing was taken :)

I also did the grocery thing many times. The worst time was when I had emptied all my bags but one and it happened to be the most expensive one with all the meat in it. I found it the next morning. Eighty dollars down the drain :( I was so upset with myself. I was on mat leave and now I was throwing money in the garbage!

Oh there was one time I rushed in to work to do something. It was raining and I was in a hurry. I backed into a parking spot and I think at one point I opened the door to see the curbside (I’m not even sure what I was doing), but anyway I ended up hitting the door against the cement and bending quite badly. I can at least say this was my worst car accident ;) No one was injured and no other people were involved. Still, hubby wasn’t too happy with me…