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recently i was going back and forth over whether or not to buy the carwash along with the gas…money’s been really tight, but my kids were complaining about the car, so decided to go ahead and do it. i went inside and divided the money for gas and wash. i put the gas in and…..yep! drove off without going through the car wash!….. and then i kept forgetting to go back to the place to get the wash i already paid for to the point the code expired.

i also am prone to forgetting that i am parked right next to large structural support poles as i am backing out of parking spaces…all the more embarrassing when the parking attendants come running at the sound of the crash. (better than hitting another car at least!).

ever since i did it at one of the places i worked, one of the attendants would rush over to guide me out when they would see me getting ready to leave. 😳