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nellie – the library has sent my account to collections twice. my son then begged me for his own library card so he could check books out (he was 6). now he has been sent to collections too. oops!

I have to be at my son’s bus stop at the end of our street by 4:15 to get him off the bus. I have to set the alarm on my phone for 4pm and then keep hitting the snooze button while I try to wrap up whatever incredibly important distraction I am in the middle of. If I don’t hit the snooze button, I forget to pick up my son. Time just slips away! I swear there is a time warp that just follows me everywhere! The bus driver has my cell phone number store in her personal cell phone so that she can call me when I’m not there, although she probably has it memorized by now.

When I was working for the state at the local health department, aside from the typical wearing mismatched shoes, forgetting to brush my hair, and chronic lateness, one day I showed up without a shirt on. I was wearing just my bra and one of those camis that’s just for making the shirt not see-through. I didn’t realize until I got out of my car in the parking lot. I had to go inside because I was only 2 minutes late and so really, that’s on time. I had to call my friend to break into my house and bring me a shirt, only when she got there I didn’t like the shirt she brought so I made her go back and get another.

Ahhh, just a typical day here in Lindsay-Land!

Reading these posts have made me crack up and feel much better about my daily escapades!