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Hahaha! Had another ”moment” last night! Until the last few years, I had never driven much outside the city (fear of getting lost).

Anyway, last night I was asked to take family pics in a town about 40 minutes away. It`s was a fairly easy destination, but I can miss the most obvious exit signs sometimes. So I made it there in time without getting lost (Yay me!). Then, an hour later we were done, but instead of going home right away (it was 9 pm and really dark out), I decided to try and capture the light of the moon reflecting on the water. After a few minutes, fear of being alone at night took over and I gave up on my shot. Still I enjoyed my evening a lot and was smiling and actually getting a little misty eyed thinking about the great family pics I had just taken.

During this time, I was driving. I figured it would be easy to see the exit sign, so my mind drifted…. all of a sudden I`m driving down a narrow road and there are no houses anywhere! I turn around and realize that I had missed the exit and was quite a ways from the town I was in a few minutes ago. I finally get back into town and call my husband.

He told me the exit was near the Tim Hortons and I laughed. I remembered seeing the Tim Hortons and thinking about wether or not to get some coffee, decided against it and continued on missing the exit sign LOL! So, I got off the phone with hubby, saw the Tims not 30seconds away and decided to get a coffee before exiting. This time, I got it right :D

It was the first time I could actually laugh at myself without feeling stupid :D :D