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Yeah why not Robbo. So it’s about 21.00 in the UK now so synchronising the time could be interesting….then there’s the issue of remembering for this Sunday…or is that next Sunday. And then the clocks go back an hour next month.

Yes I live in England….but I think it’s not a case of not understanding the English (but you might be right – it’s a rapidly changing language – I presume it is because I don’t understand half of what the kids at work are talking about!!)….. it’s just because there are special phrases that the ‘linears’ use, like ‘next Saturday’ meaning ‘this Saturday’ – or is it the other way around?! It’s their version of the masonic secret handshake. It’s all just an evil plot to confuse an already confused scatty being…! :)

Oh yeah….my computer keeps wanting me to use American English and I keep resetting it to English English (no offence but…) and yesterday it asked me if I wanted to use Canadian English. I’d never noticed that before. I know it’s an issue to mistake the Canadian accent for American and vice versa, but I didn’t realise that Canadian English is different from American English. Apologies for my ignorance or if I have managed to offend most of the forum users! :) Just curious.