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Re: Never ending ADD humor

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ROFLMAO @ Scattybirds post.

Yer so funneee. My cheeks hurt from grinning and laffin. I once had a girlfriend from Detroit. She used to tease me because I talked so much like Spicoli (spellin?) the surfer dude from that movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High, from the early 80’s. He said things like “totally tubular bro” hehe. I didn’t even know there’s a California accent, anyone remember that movie “Valley Girl”?, in high school I had a girlfriend who was a “total val” (a total valley girl). It wasn’t an act. She naturally talked just like those chicks in the movie. Is it okay to call ladies “chicks”, I don’t mean it in a bad way.

Yep, it’s a rapidly changing language. I get a kick out of some of the things you say. That’s a good thing by the way :-) Australians crack me up too. I used to chat with a dude named Dowdy who has CP in the middle of the night. It was morning for him. So yeah, the time thing will be kindof tricky. I think you’re about 8 hours ahead of us, my best guess. So it’s almost 7:30 pm as I write this. If you see it before the first 24 hours is up, maybe you can do the math. Or just write down your local time next time you post. There’s bound to be at least one of us capable of the math… I bet I could do it. I’m a lil smarter than I was only a year ago. Honest!. Just not all the time.

Whoops, Duh!!! I just looked at your post again. So it’s it’s 21:00 pm there 6 hours ago, that means it’s 3 in the morning now. You’re 71/2 hours ahead of us. I did it!!. And no headache. Will miracles ever cease? ***snicker grin*** So, let’s see, in 12 hours it will be 7:30, no, too early… um. at oh, um 4:30, or 16:30 your time, it will be 9:00 in the morning here. PST. Anyone following me? Hmm, maybe me and math can be friends after all huh? Just no algebra!.

I’ve never been offended by your posts, that I can remember that is… hehe.

Now we’ll have to wait for some more folks to weigh in on what time they would like ta chat. I could get up a lil earlier. Or we could try later. Guess we need to gather votes.