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“Fry’s English Delight”, looks interesting. I’ll have to see if I can find it online. I live in the US and I know we totally brutalize language. I’ve been told I do but never really figured out what. Most of the time I run into people who can not figure out the difference between “there” and “their”. It’s not that hard. Guess I learned that one early and drummed it into my brain. Probably so I wouldn’t miss it on a test in grade school or something. I still miss US meanings and I live here. But could be because I watch BBC. Eddie Izzard has a great comedy stand up routine about being dyslexic and the english language.

I always use “take a shower”. Is that right? Well I guess to take would mean to remove something? I think well I have a shower in the bathroom but would I “have” a shower? This will be a fun thing to look up when I can’t sleep. I also use contractions a lot but not in professional work writing.

I’ll have to follow in Robbos pursuit to be a better writer and use grammar properly. Since it’s a bring weak spot and I have to write another ton of resumes and cover letters this week for jobs. AARRGGGGHHHHHH. Is that a proper word? LOL