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Boy, reading all these posts really makes me feel that I’m not alone! I’ve gone through too many jobs to list here, but I’d like to tell about my last job. It started in 2006, I was working as a flexible endoscope builder and repair technician, which took me the better part of six months to learn to do, thanks to my ADD. The nice thing about the job was that it was a five-minute walk from home, so my travelling expenses consisted of a good pair of shoes. But in the summer of 2007 they moved to a nearby town, so now I had a commute, ten miles one way, which wasn’t too bad. In the fall of 2008 the recession hit, so the demand for endoscopes fell, so they reassigned me to the machine shop. I wound up spending close to a year working on a milling machine, tapping threads onto a small piece, and there was close to a million of them to do! The boredom was killing me, but I had no choice but to continue. In late spring of ’09 I returned to the endoscope lab, only this time I had to test those little pieces for leaks, which had me dunking them in a beaker of water and pumping them with a hand pump. I was so bored that I was seriously contemplating suicide. Last January 8 deliverence finally came in the form of a layoff. I was never so relieved or happy to lose my job. Since then I’ve been collecting unemployment, making just a token effort to look for work, and resting and licking my wounds. At the age of 56 I feel like I never want to do any kind of boring work ever again, my last job just about sucked the life out of me.

Next job I get I’ll just be putting in time. I can’t wait to retire, I don’t even care if I’m living on bread and water! Just ten more years to go!