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Re: never ending Multi-careering

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Wow everybody!! I think you are all my lost brothers and sisters. I am 40 years old and havent figured a damn thing out yet, but that I have ADD as an adult. I know I had ADHD as a child because I could NEVER sit still. I have had a zillion jobs also. My dad says find out what your good at and do that. Well, I don’t know about you guys, but what AM I good at? I feel like a failure at everything. In fact, I don’t even know what I like to do anymore, what my favorite color is or music. My head is always spinning a hundred miles per hour and I can’t get it to stop to let me off let alone try to think of something. I can’t even find the words to say when I am trying to explain myself. The bad part is..both my kids have it also. The school won’t even help so I am now homeschooling. I don’t have patience AT ALL!!! I am the worst parent I think. On top of having ADD, I was abused growing up and was call stupid so many times that I have the worst self esteem and actually think I am stupid. My kids walk all over me because of this. I am NOT a mind game player at all…and I think you need to be one when you have kids. You always have to be one step ahead, but not me.

Is this familiar to anyone??

Bigjimmy…if you don’t mind me asking…how old are you? I am just curious because most of us have listed how old we are so we can feel how long we have all struggled with life. And Bob L. I have contiplated suicide also because I am always asking myself….why am I even here? If all I do is screw things up…what is the point? All I know is DON’T DO IT EVER!!! God knows you are struggling and in the end if we stick with it, we WILL be rewarded…that is all I am going to say because everyone has different religious beliefs and I don’t want to even go there.

Lets all work together because I don’t have anyone to keep me going and to stay positive so we can all help each other because who actually REALLY understands but US!! People without ADD just don’t get it!!!! So what do you say everyone???? Let us be their for each other and get on meds and learn techniques and all!!!!