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If you have not watched Add and loving it do so. Yes Adults have and have had it their whole life. We learn to compensate for it in small ways.

The compesation can leads others to think there is no problem.–GROW UP WE ARE TOLD

Its genetic- it has nothing to do with age. I compensated for ADD by learning thru experience and the school of hard knocks.

By all means get checked its nothing to be afraid of.

If you have it GREAT in can be treated. You won’t have to suffer by youreself.

The main problem is this…No one can actually see the channel surfing in my Brain -no one can see why I dont have the ability to remember names- No one could understand why I could look at the same paragraph for over an hour and not comprehend it -Why I had such difficulty in spelling. My greatest fear in college was the two years of english I had to take. I did not worry about Physics or Chemistry

REMEMBER “that”s a oxymoron for us with ADD” ADD affects everyone differently. I can remember certain project details for years.

but dont ask me the name of the person I was just intoduced to.

Good Luck. ADD has many strengths. I became a professional engineer and I had my secretay write my letters