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Please no bitterness. I kissed my secretary’s feet everyday. I made sure she was taken care off. I knew how important a good secretay was. I normaly work very good with others in my own quirkey ways. I had a complete open door policy. I have promoted high school graduates over college graduates. My mind races and can be vefy finely focused and see the finest detail and tie the information together. I always took care of the emplyees who worked under me.

Employees who could not do their job –the corporate politicians/foxes were terrified since I saw things so clearly. I had a target on my back the whole time. I cannot begin to say how many lies have been told about me. Being ADHD and gifted in the technical the there was no manner to fire me for those reasons. So I was constantly attacked in the “social” area.

ADD’rs don’t become CEO’s normally. There are too many holes in our personalities. We get hired to solve very detailed problems and often after the work is done we are back unemployed. Corps put up with us because they need us not because they like us.

Please don’t confuse me with the SOCIOPATHS. ADHD traits are completely different. A Sociopath has little no social empathy. He can eat a full meal while others starve. I often felt most personell directors had to have this trait to do their job. It’s sad to me that there seems to be so many of them in the financial sector and the stock market at the expense of the US middle class.