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Wgreen I feel as you do. But I’ll jump into it with advice anyway!

I’m not sure that the issue here is really the ADD but more so the behaviour of the manager. Of course your son’s habits may be easy fodder for this volatile bully manager but your son could easily be someone else. This sort of behaviour is essentially harassment . I would suspect that not only your son is on the receiving end of this guy’s explosive temper. Problem is of course whether or not your son has any power to change anything. If the company culture is such that this bully is likely to keep his job regardless of any complaints, perhaps your son is just better off quietly looking for another job. Not easy either but there are some battles you just have to back away from.

On the other hand, If your son want to stand up to this guy then I would go over his head and make a complaint. Is there an HR type person he could talk to? Just talking to this bully doesn’t seem like a viable option to me if your son isn’t used to being his own advocate. They are not on equal footing so the bully is likely to be able to get away with whatever he wants to.

I have a child with ADD that age as well and know how difficult it is to just stand by but sometimes our moral support is all we can offer while they sort things out on their own.